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Introduction & Disclosure

Independent Broker

  • Member of "Independent Financial Brokers of Canada"
  • Our loyalty is to our clients and their best interest
  • We shop the market on your behalf looking for the best value and services available.
  • We deal only with well known major Canadian Financial Institutions, and Insurance Companies.

As an independent broker, we are bound by the laws governing life insurance agents in Ontario and the Code of Ethics of my professional association, The Independent Financial Brokers of Canada. This means that any investment product(s)/insurance product(s) I recommend will be the one(s) I deem to be best suited to meet your needs, without regard to the compensation practices of any one company. My role, as an independent broker, is to work on your behalf as your intermediary and advocate with the insurance company and /or asset Management Company and to resolve any questions you may have throughout the time you hold that contract or policy, to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

I specialize in Investments and Insurance Strategies for Agriculture, Business, Professionals and Individuals/Families.

We do the work, but you’re dealing directly, through us with leading Canadian Financial Service companies. Our business is processed through our affiliated dealer (MGA-Managing General Agent), Financial Horizon’s Inc. MGAs offer a service to independent agents/brokers and insurance companies by assisting with administrative issues. They are compensated directly from the companies. You always maintain full access and control over your business.

We are NOT Fee Based Advisors. You do NOT pay us directly! We are paid a commission and/or trailer/servicing fees for ongoing service, from whatever company you decide to place your business with. We believe this allows our clients to have us earn their business, and keep on earning their business!!

Some of the companies we represent:

Assumption Life Foresters RBC Insurance
C.I. Investments Industrial Alliance Sunlife Financial
Canada Life Manulife Bank Standard Life
Empire Life Manulife Investments SSQ Financial
Equitable Life Manulife Insurance The Edge
Transamerica Life

Benecaid Heath Benefit Solutions Ltd. and the INNOVATIVE BUSINESS CLUB (IBC), as well as Assurex, Blue Cross, Green Shield and companies previously listed, for cost effective and value added Drug, Health and Dental Benefits for individuals, and employers with 1 to 50+ employees.

We strive to be easily accessible. We are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. We maintain regular communication with our clients, or as requested.

Privacy and Consent

As advisors, we take your Privacy seriously.

Such as:

  • Communicating with you in a timely and efficient manner
  • Assessing your application for investment, insurance and other services available to you by his/her firm
  • Assessing my financial situation and contacting you with other suitable products that are authorized to sell
  • Evaluating claims and underwriting risks when required
  • Detecting and preventing fraud
  • Analyzing business results
  • Acting as required or authorized by law

Our clients are advised they have:

  • The right to know why your advisor collects, uses or discloses my personal information
  • The right to know who is responsible for protecting your information
  • The right to expect your advisor to protect your information from unauthorized disclosure
  • The right to inspect the information your advisor holds about you to ensure it is accurate, complete and current
  • The right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting your advisor in writing

Our Mission Statement

To enhance, improve and increase the wealth and security of our clients while assisting in providing a smooth and fair transition to the next generation