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The “Corporate - Tax Free Savings Account”*

Recent corporate tax cuts have created an opportunity to grow
predictable wealth in a

"Corporate - Tax Free Savings Account*"

Grows 6 to 7 %+ per year Tax Free

Current rate 6.8%

60 + year history

Never negative (No losses)

Non speculative – Fixed income

Not Market Based

Funds Accessible

Funds may be accessed TAX FREE from Corporation


Barry Mills, CPCA and John Mill, LL. M.

Phone 519 755 4092

Specialists in Assisting Successful Business Owners
Save taxes and Build Predictable Wealth

* “Corporate Tax Free Savings Account” is coined as a name inherent in the strategy as it reflects many properties of the Individual TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account)

A network of independent professionals dedicated to simplified Succession & Exit planning

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